Let’s Talk About Art…. Chinese Art

Good morning. Slept well? We met our guest this morning in our garden. Yeah, I did. Thank you. Nice collection of original prints you have in your house, are you an artist? No, we denied, we are just collectors and we have the luck that our house has a lot of walls…. Good to hear that you like them….

Our guest turned out to be the owner of the online gallery China Impressions. She was very proud to source some of the best original prints from China’s leading and most well-established artists.

Most of the work in her gallery is woodblock printing, an ancient Chinese invention. Printmaking still flourishes in China, and there are many great printmaking artists, who have brought rapid and significant changes to the practice of woodblock printmaking, its techniques and also the creativity in its content.

Ofcourse we looked for a favorite and we really liked the work of Chen Yanlong. Enjoy his work en if you want to know more about woodblock printing, watch the video. You can see Chen Yanlong at work.

Take a look at her website to see a lot more prints of Chinese artists. Grab your chance, Chinese Art will definitively be booming in the next years….

And our guest and her family? For sure they will come back 🙂 .


Over Villa Aberson

Wij wonen met z'n tweetjes in een monumentale villa in Olst, onder de rook van Deventer. De kinderen zijn al enkele jaren de deur uit: Ruimte genoeg dus. We heten u van harte welkom....

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