Why leaving North Dakota? 3

Yesterday night again was a beautiful evening. We invited our guests to join us at the large table in our the garden and had a nice conversation until the small hours. And yes, we drank some white wine 😉 .

He was from Great-Brittain, England, and she was born and raised in the United States. In North Dakota to be precisely. Decades ago she left the US, fleeing from North Dakota, and ended up in England.

If you have seen the movie Fargo from the Coen Brothers you know the smalltown life in the frigid winter landscape of this part of America. Little villages, a hundred miles apart and nothing to do…

The wood chipper scene is maybe not representative but 7 year old girls with pink riffles are. This is Trump country, almost 63 % of the people voted for him.

We Europeans like to be confirmed in our prejudice. But there is of course also another North Dakota. Villa Aberson presents: The Tigir Lillies….

Over Villa Aberson

Bijna 10 jaar hebben we gasten verwelkomd in ons huis. Aanleidingen genoeg om op onze website een berichtje te schrijven. Nu weer tijd voor iets anders. Mmmm, zijn we niet meer welkom? Af en toe een weekendje zeker. Maar wel op tijd reserveren. Voordat wij andere plannen hebben ;) .

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3 gedachten over “Why leaving North Dakota?

  • Lynnette

    Hi Math, that is a wonderful blog about my home state, funny too! What a wonderful evening we had with you and your wife and all that wine, time just flew past. Thanks again for a really relaxing stay in your beautiful home. I’m glad I was able to share the joys of a North Dakota with you! Lynnette PS check out the world’s largest buffalo which is in my hometown and also the world’s largest cow which I drive past on my way to my sister’s house in western North Dakota!